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About Biey Leaf

Biey Leaf is a Catering Personal Chef and Delivery service dedicated to providing you access to health conscious , plant-based meals when you require it the most.


Our mission is to make healthy eating easy and accessible so that you can focus your energy on other important areas of life such as family, school, work, fitness, meditation, etc. By ordering from Biey Leaf, you will have the opportunity to practice proper health conscious eating habits, which will soon become the target lifestyle of a health deficient society.


We understand the demands of life. Nowadays we’re all busy bees and have hectic schedules to juggle and manage. We know finding the time to balance and maintain a healthy diet can be a struggle for most.


Our healthy personal chef and food delivery service is tailored to provide you the ease and comfort of having access to a well balanced lunch and/or dinner; minus the hassle of stressful shopping, prepping, and cooking up meals.


With your health in mind, you don’t even have to book ahead for vegan meal options! Find us at the Berkeley Flea Market every Saturday and Sunday for your one-stop shop on vegan eats. We also offer Special Diet Event Catering as well as Meal Prep and Nutritionist services for all celebrations and events.


Never fear, Biey Leaf has got you covered! Allow us to put your mind at ease and provide healthy and delicious, guilt free food options throughout the week so that you can spend more time doing the things that you love.


Your Chef

Abieyuwa “Biey” Oghogho

“Ever since I could remember, I have been enthusiastic about combining quality ingredients in the kitchen and making my food come to life!”-Biey

So happy I found this place!

I tried them out for dinner for my family. I ordered the vegan soul food meal plan option and each dish was delish!

Highly recommended! Shawn D.

Now that you know all about us, the next step is to taste our menu!

Like To Be In The Know?

Like To Be In The Know?

Like To Be In The Know?

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